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    • Great job!!! Michael and his team are extremely dedicated and hard working. From the very beginning, they want you to feel comfortable and know they care about your case. Thank you for all your help!!!

      - Divorce Client

    • It was time me to get a divorce and I went to Mr Kuldiner. He was very up front about everything. When we went to court he did everything and more then he said he was going to do. We settled out of court and I was able to keep all of my 401k. Money well spent. I would recommend him to anyone

      - Custody and Divorce Client

    • Magnificent!!! Very honest, quick reply, patiently listen to you and gives you best advice. Highly recommended. Thank you Mr. Kuldiner for your help and support in my legal matter.

      - Divorce Client

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    Family Lawyer in Bucks County

    Hiring a family lawyer in Bucks County is the smartest, most important decision one can make when facing divorce and any domestic relations matter. Experience is key – the right family lawyer will have a long resume of family cases and will have already seen some of the most complex situations. Experience in the area of family law lends itself to swiftly managing unique or complicated circumstances. Doylestown and Bucks County residents trust the compassionate and persistent family lawyers at the Law Offices of Michael Kuldiner, P.C.

    In Pennsylvania, divorces are filed predominantly under §3301 (c) and (d). Filing under (c) indicates mutual consent and requires a ninety day waiting period. Additionally, filing for a (d) divorce incorporates the existence of a two year separation, indicating an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.

    There are a multitude of questions that crop up during separation and throughout the divorce process. Who gets the marital home? What happens with debt such as student loans and credit cards? Am I entitled to pension or retirement benefits? How do I ensure my children are supported? You want the best for your kids, choose the custody lawyer in Bucks County who will fight for their best interests. Allowing all of these questions to go unanswered or overlooked could be detrimental to you and your family.

    Without the right family attorney, you could be neglecting entitlement to support, half of a pension, 401K or half of the proceeds from sale of a home. These could be the most expensive mistakes of your life – choose the right Bucks County family lawyer to concisely handle your divorce, and provide the financial insight you demand.

    Understanding all of the ramifications of divorce is complex and requires professional help. Knowing how to file the necessary court documentation and representing your interests in court are critical to ensure the best results possible. With an experienced Bucks County divorce lawyer, you can feel confident during this challenging time.

    If you are looking for a Doylestown divorce lawyer, call our office at (215) 693-6191 to set up a consultation. To contact one of our Bucks County family attorneys, you may also complete the online inquiry form, and member of our team will contact you shortly.

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