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    Prenuptial Agreements

    Fairness and predictability with a Prenuptial Agreement

    Prenuptial Agreement
    Prenuptial Agreement
    Albeit unromantic, couples must take on the mindset of forming a "business venture" when tying the knot. Both parties secure their rights and obligations against any unlikely and unforeseen circumstances. Rather than leaving things in the hands of the government in case of a separation or divorce, it makes a lot of sense to get a customized prenuptial agreement which will deal with the financial consequences if the marriage ends.   Some items covered within this agreement may include defining those items or assets that the parties wish to retain separately. It may also set forth the terms of separation and divorce by explaining the manner in which assets are divided, i.e. "50/50 division".
    Top Family Law Attorneys
    Top Family Law Attorneys
    For those with a great amount or variety of assets, it can simplify predictable problems. A prenup is particularly important if: you own part of a business, one party is wealthier than the other, you are remarrying, or your partner has a high debt load. It can also prevent your spouse from overturning your estate plan.   An experienced legal professional can explain and stipulate the different kinds of issues that might be covered in a prenuptial agreement. At The Law Offices of Michael Kuldiner, P.C. we believe that the better informed you are, the more protected your financial rights and obligations will remain.   Call (215) 693-6191 or complete an inquiry form to schedule your consultation.  
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