Child Custody when Relocating We live in a highly mobile day and age. It truly is not uncommon for people to move from one state to another a number of times during the course of their adult lives. Obviously, when a parent moves, the lives of children are impacted. The fact that a couple is […]

The relationship between a parent and a child evolves and changes over time. As a child becomes older, he or she naturally becomes more independent and begins to have activities of his or her own that do not necessarily involve the parent or parents. In a similar vein, a parenting time schedule must evolve over […]

Misconceptions abound regarding how Pennsylvania courts make decisions in regard to child custody and parenting time or visitation. Much of the confusion stems from the standard in which the court applies in making decisions regarding child custody and parenting time or visitation. Pennsylvania courts apply what commonly is referred to as the best interest of […]

Grandparent Rights Do Give Some Options

Grandparents of children whose parents are going through divorce proceedings may be stuck in a tough situation. They want to help the children, but they are not technically a parent.  Some states, sadly, give no rights whatsoever to grandparents.  Fortunately, this is not the case in Pennsylvania.  Grandparent rights in Pennsylvania do give some options […]

16 Factors Pennsylvania Considers in Determining Child Custody

A determination of child custody is a complex procedure.  In deciding the custodial arrangements regarding a minor child, the court will look a number of different factors. However, each of those factors will have its own considerations.   Deciding Child Custody Although courts have some discretion in the analysis, there are 16 items they are […]

Divorce Attorneys

When it comes to dividing the marital assets during a divorce, one of the most complex issues is the question of dividing retirement benefits. This is especially important for couples who have not yet reached retirement.  To access the assets in a retirement account, a special order called a “Qualified Domestic Relations Order” (QDRO) is used. A […]

Hiring a Divorce Attorney

When hiring a divorce attorney, your life is likely already chaotic. The last thing you need is to struggle to find someone to help keep your rights represented properly in court. You need to find an experienced divorce attorney that is going to know how to protect your best interests in front of a judge. […]

A number of different misconceptions are commonplace among people in Pennsylvania contemplating divorce. One of the more persistent misperceptions is that assets and debts are divided equally during divorce proceedings. In fact, that is not the standard applied in divorce cases in Pennsylvania when it comes to dividing marital assets. The Equitable Division of Marital […]

Divorce Attorneys

One of the most common misconceptions among people in Pennsylvania is that a common law marriage can be created if a couple lives together for a specific period of time. More often than not, these individuals believe that a common law relationship is created when a couple lives together in the same residence for a […]

family home

The marital residence, or family home, can prove to be a major point of contention during divorce proceedings. Indeed, the family home can be an immediate hot spot the moment a divorce case commences. With this in mind, it is important for a person heading towards or in the midst of a divorce to understand […]

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