Coordination of Parenting Time with Teenage Child

The relationship between a parent and a child evolves and changes over time. As a child becomes older, he or she naturally becomes more independent and begins to have activities of his or her own that do not necessarily involve the parent or parents. In a similar vein, a parenting time schedule must evolve over time, including how parenting time with teenage child is scheduled and managed.

Complying with a Court Order

If a parenting time schedule is in need of revision because a child is growing older, the order of the court on the subject needs to reflect what actually is happening in regard to visitation. If it does not, and a disagreement between the parents arise, the records of the court will not appropriately reflect what is happening in regard to parenting time. Therefore, it is essential to make sure the standing order of the court regarding parenting time accurately reflects what is occurring between the parents and the minor child in question.

Consideration of the Desires of Teenage Child

When redefining a parenting time with teenage child, it is appropriate to take into consideration the desires of that young person. Assuming the teenager is suitably mature, he or she appropriately can and should be included in at least some of the conversations pertaining to parenting time.

For example, if historically one parent exercised parenting time on weekends, that time frame might need to be reconsidered. A teenager is likely to want to spend at least some portion of the weekend with his or her friends or involved with school or related activities. Doing so naturally impacts the amount of time a noncustodial parent is able to spend with a teenager during a weekend parenting time period.

Hire a Skilled Pennsylvania Custody Attorney

If a dispute arises in regard to parenting time with teenage child, a parent should not hesitate to engage the services of an experienced attorney. A skilled lawyer is adept at protecting the rights and interests of a parent involved in a matter involving parenting time with teenage child. An attorney charges no fee for an initial consultation in regard to issues surrounding custody and parenting time.