5 Tips on Negotiating Child Custody Agreement

child custody agreeement
Child custody issues have the potential for being hotly contested in divorce cases. However, there are strategies that can be employed that lower the level of contention. There are five tips that can aid a divorcing couple in reaching a child custody agreement.

Best Interests of the Child

In preparing to negotiate a child custody agreement, a divorcing couple needs to understand that the focus must be on the best interests of the child. In other words, while the desires of the parents are important when it comes to a custody and parenting time (visitation) arrangement, the objective is always to ensure that the best interests of a child are met.

Realistic Expectations

When contemplating entering into negotiations regarding a child custody agreement, a parent must enter process with realistic expectations. A parent must understand that a child’s best interests are served when both parents are able to maintain a meaningful relationship Therefore, a parent cannot enter into child custody agreement negotiations with the idea of “winning” or outdoing the other party.

Individually Write Down Objectives

A key strategy to employ in negotiating a child custody agreement is writing down reasonable objectives before discussions with the other party start. By taking this course, a parent maintains a focus on what is important and is better able becoming sidetracked during the negotiation process or unduly influenced by emotions.

Cool Communication is Crucial

Cool communications is crucial to reaching an agreement on child custody related issues. Indeed, when emotions run hot, and anger rules the day, reaching a child custody agreement is not possible. Becoming emotional when discussing children is natural. Nonetheless, heated emotional states are counterproductive. If and when emotions start to flare, the best strategy is to take a break in discussions and resume again at another time.

Obtain Legal Representation

The best way to protect a parent’s rights and interests in regard to child custody issues is to retain the services of an experienced divorce attorney. A custody lawyer understands the ins and outs of Pennsylvania family law. In addition, a custody attorney is able to approach these challenging issues without being overcome by emotion.