Calculating Pennsylvania Child Support

Common questions and answers about Pennsylvania child support

All too often, child support cases become battles over nickels and dimes. The purpose of child support is of course to maintain the best interests of the child during and after a divorce. Pennsylvania Child Support Guidelines aim to mimic the marital financial duty of the parents by assessing their income, or earning capacity to create a continuity of care. Only an experienced child support attorney in Pennsylvania can advise you as to what your support payments will be, and help to protect the financial integrity of your family.

Child support is intended only to maintain the well-being of the children. Spousal maintenance or spousal support is a separate amount but is often lumped into the monthly payment of child support when applicable. During child support proceedings, an initial conference takes place which evaluates the income of both parties. Tax returns and pay stubs are reviewed by the conference officer who makes a recommendation based upon the combined net income of the parties.

This approach is called the income-shares method, which provides the best assessment of what the children would be receiving if the parents did not separate. Under Pa.C.S. Rule 1910.16-3 of the Pennsylvania Child Support Guidelines, a chart is provided to set forth standards of financial care based upon income and number of children supported.

When initiating or modifying child support, a conference is first held to evaluate the parties' finances. At the conference, the officer makes a recommendation based on the income and expenses presented. The parties may either agree at that time, or have a hearing scheduled. In cases where a parent moves away, the jurisdiction of these proceedings can take place where the defendant lives, the county where the defendant works, the county of the marital residence in which the plaintiff continues to live, or the county where the child lives.

If the obligor has violated the child support order, the PASCES system will quickly register this default and initiate enforcement measures. From garnishment of wages or tax refunds, to jail time, the severity of the delinquency is tracked by this system to protect children.

Pennsylvania child support can be difficult to understand. Many factors are taken into consideration when determining amounts. Even custody time may be taken into consideration. Hiring an experienced support attorney is the only way to ensure your children are receiving proper support. Call the Law Offices of Michael Kuldiner, P.C. to meet with an attorney who can advise you in your Pennsylvania child support matter, (215) 942-2100.