Factors to consider before relocating your child

You might be thinking of relocating your child in Pennsylvania but before doing so there are factors that you need to consider before asking the judge to do so. Below are the factors that you need to consider before asking a judge to relocate your child:

  1. You should check on the nature, quality, duration and the level of participation of your child’s relationship with the person proposing for the relocation. Also you need to know the child’s liaison with the party who is not relocating and other important people in the child’s life.
  2. You need to know the progress stage, age and the basic wants that the child will need.  Considering the effect that the relocation will have on the physical, educational, emotional and psychological development of the child. You should also not forget the special needs that the child requires.
  3. You need to consider the possibility of maintaining the relationship between you and the non relocating party while regarding the logistics and the financial status of the parties.
  4. Considering what your child’s preference is also another factor that you can’t ignore. Children have different preferences and therefore identifying what your child’s inclination is very important.
  5. You will need to ask yourself what are the general qualities of life will enhance the growth of the child to the relocating party.
  6. Considering the reasons and motivation for both of you is of great significance towards the improvement of the child.
  7. Past or present mistreatment by the other party is also a factor that you can’t ignore but consider it into great depths. If there is present or past exploitation then you will need not to as for relocation.
  8. The child’s life involves a lot of transitional stages and therefore any factor that will affect the interest of the child positively or negatively will be considered. If it will be positive then you will go ahead and ask the judge for relocation.
  9. You will need to make sure that there is a reputable pattern of conduct between you and the non relocating party that will either promote or ruin your relationship.

Therefore, it is your duty and responsibility to demonstrate that the relocation will provide the best interest of your child based on these factors. If all these turn positive then you can go ahead and ask the judge for the relocation of your child.