Five Benefits of Divorce Mediation

divorce mediation

Divorce mediation is becoming ever more commonplace in the 21st century. Divorce mediation is a process through which parties to a divorce meet with a mediator. Through the guidance and assistance of a mediator, the parties work towards a negotiated settlement of their case. A divorce mediator does not make decisions for the parties. Rather, the mediator is catalyst who enhances and furthers the settlement process through his or her expertise. There are five essential benefits of divorce mediation.

Saves Money

A key benefit associated with divorce mediation is that the process saves money in the vast majority of cases. The success rate associated with divorce mediation is high. Therefore, a case submitted to a mediator is less likely to face the financial cost of protracted litigation and a divorce trial.

Saves Time

On a related note, the benefits of divorce mediation include saving time. Divorce cases that are mediated conclude much faster than those which are not involved in this alternative dispute resolution process. The personal benefits associated with concluding a divorce case sooner rather than later are significant. A person is in a position to get on with his or her life sooner rather than later.

Saves Emotional Wear and Tear

Mediation lessens the emotional wear and tear experienced by a divorcing couple. There is no doubt that ending a marriage can be one of the most emotionally challenging experiences in a person’s life.

As trained professionals, with experience in divorce cases, mediators are trained at assisting couples in working through issues while keeping emotions in check at the same time. Couples who participate in mediation typically report that they actually “feel good” because of the process. They tend to be more optimistic about the ultimate outcome of divorce proceedings. The level of anger and frustration experienced lessens when mediation is included as part of resolving a divorce case.

More Acceptable Resolution

People who mediate report they are more satisfied with the ultimate resolution of a divorce than is the case with people who litigate issues. Through mediation, the parties have more significant control over how a particular divorce case resolved.

Benefits of Divorce Mediation: Healthier Relationships

People who mediate tend to healthier relationships with their exes when a divorce concludes. Healthier relationships particularly are important when a divorced couple has children.

Lawyers typically can provide clients with basic information about divorce mediation. This includes resources about how to contact a mediator and how to prepare for mediation. Most lawyers are eager to encourage their clients to participate in divorce mediation.