Getting through divorce: Tips

With divorce as common as it is, many of our friends and co-workers offer up plenty of advice and horror stories about how to handle this decision. Sharing anecdotes and their opinions, our friends can often be a source of anxiety when discussing divorce. If you are considering or currently handling one, getting through divorce can be much easier with the following tips.

Clearing the battle lines

When getting through divorce becomes about “winning”, everyone loses. Useless arguments can cost both some big bucks. Instead of taking every matter to trial and involving the courts, focus on settling as much as possible on your own. The more you can communicate and resolve on your own, the healthier you will both be when the process is complete. Consulting with an experienced Bucks County divorce lawyer will neutralize the lines of communication when a divorce is highly contentious. An attorney can help you sort and relay which concerns are worth arguing.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Divorce is not easy, but shouldn’t be a disaster. One decision in your life does not have to dominate your existence. Even if you are sharing custody of children and still have to see your ex on a routine basis, knowing when to step out of the ring will make the process, and the lifestyle, much simpler. Having the clarity to walk away for the sake of your children and yourself is critical. Many people who have been through this process will explain the renewed sense of self and outlook on life. Instead of indulging in old problems or arguments, enjoy the clarity that comes with embarking on this new chapter and leave the petty emotions in the past.

Focus on your children

Getting through divorce is not all about you. It is not all about your ex, or the beach house or the fair market value of your home. If you are in a one-sided effort to stay amicable for your kids, discuss options with a divorce lawyer who can guide you to resources available for co-parenting.

Co-parenting after divorce means sharing information about the daily lives of the children when the other parent does not have custody. Making the other parent accessible reinforces his or her presence and a sense of unity that children need to feel confident and secure. All too often, parents think they are “getting back” at their ex by blocking him or her from their child. It is a fact that this only hurts the child – focus on their needs first.

Hiring the right professionals

When you are going through a highly contentious divorce hiring the right divorce lawyer can protect your sanity and your financial outlook for years down the road. An unrepresented party may unwittingly bargain away deferred compensation plans or other assets. With an attorney who is a certified divorce financial specialist, you can feel confident that these assets are handled properly.

Tapping into other professional resources like financial planners or wealth management agencies can reduce risks involved during the settlement process.

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