When Highly Contested Divorce Gets Nasty

How to handle divorce when the gloves come off

Divorce cases often call upon that old adage about the "fine line between love and hate." Our attorneys encourage parties remain as cooperative and amicable as possible to stay out of the court room during a divorce, and remain in control. To reduce the financial and emotional toll of the divorce process, divorce attorneys will usually warn their clients of backlash from bad behavior. When spouses have left that "fine line" in the dust, consider these tips to get through a highly contested divorce.

A wolf in sheep's clothing

With children, investments, valuables and a home hanging in the balance, many have an understandably hard time controlling emotions. Make sure your guard is up against any "sweet deals" your ex throws your way. When a highly contested divorce gets nasty, both parties are fighting for what they want and believe in about some very important things in life. Consider every word uttered as a tool to be used against you and consult with your attorney often. Do not sign any agreements without consulting your attorney first.

If negotiating and civility are not the route for your divorce, settle in on the reality that you and your once husband are now litigants. Right now, the process is adversarial and it can get dangerous to communicate. A necessary evil, communication should be controlled with a business-like tone. If you plan to meet to discuss your divorce, it may be a good idea to bring a friend as a witness in case anything is said or decided that enters the court room.

Avoid social media therapy

Bearing the courtroom in mind will help manage the urge to vent and over-share online. Imagine every word in every form blown up in a courtoom. Your ex may try to capitalize on all of your worst qualities and can use your language as a means to do so. This is especially true in instances of alleged abuse or in custody matters.

When attorneys had to worry about discussion via text and email, now the concnern has shifted to social media usage during a highly contested divorce. A tempting venue to generate support from friends and family, Facebook is often a tool of self-destruction. Venting or posting wild pictures to induce jealousy may land you in hot water. Imagine a Judge reviewing the content of your page and filter accordingly. Especially in cases were there is a battle over custody, protecting your own image as a loving and protective mother of father can be easily destroyed by a few wild nights out on the town.

Utilize an experienced divorce lawyer

Your attorney should take every measure to help you through the legal process and often can help talk out some emotional aspects. Monitoring your communciation and sharing habits is up to you - use discretion and maintain an open dialogue with your attorney about what your ex may have in store. The divorce process should be considered a means to an end, and our attorneys know clients can lose sight of this in highly contested divorce cases.

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