Planning Custody for the Holidays

This 1/70,000-year occasion can throw a wrench in custody arrangements

As if planning custody under normal circumstances wasn't difficult enough, the calendar had to swing around to that 70,000 year mark where Hanukkah and Thanksgiving are at the same time. For many families, this could really bring on some headaches. If you are planning custody for the holidays, make sure to consult your custody orders, stipulations, and custody lawyer to manage the approaching holidays.

Hopefully, you and your families have discussed these fast approaching holidays by now. For Jewish families, this particular day is bringing up an unusual conflict - who has the kids when the holidays overlap? Surely this was not an occasion written into your custody stipulation, but now is a good time to consult these documents.

For those without a custody lawyer, consider the holidays the pressure cooker for custody matters. What ought to be a time focused on making children happy is often a custody battle waiting to erupt. Not having a custody agreement during separation or divorce can be risky. Either for emotional or practical reasons, plans can be easily ruined or changed - this affects your children, who need consistency.

What are your rights without a custody agreement in Pennsylvania?

Without a custody lawyer or custody order, the custodial parent is calling all of the shots. While maintaining the legal right to access the children at any time in most cases, many non-custodial parents must bend to the whims of the custodial parent. Having a custody lawyer to legally define when and how you see your children is critical - especially when it comes to custody for the holidays.

Married couples share equal parental rights to the child at birth. For parents who were never married, the situation can be even more difficult. If in either instances you are being denied access during separation or divorce, you should strongly consider seeking counsel to file a Petition for Custody to get a custody Order. If it has been a significant stretch of time that you have not had access to your kids, you may file a Petition for Special or Emergency Relief. The Court frowns upon one parent calling all the shots and denying the children access to their parent. You do not have to be divorce to initiate a custody action.

Before filing a Petition for Special or Emergency Relief, choose a divorce and custody attorney that can prepare and file the document properly.

What are your rights with a custody agreement in Pennsylvania?

A custody agreement formalizes the schedule of visitation and stay at each parents' home and holds the other parent accountable. Violation of this order can mean the other parent may be held in contempt. It is an enforceable schedule that can be customized to your family's unique lifestyle, including vacations and other special occasions.

On this unusual occasion of comingled holidays, many parents may end up back at the drawing board with how to handle planning custody. Generally, your custody agreement should cover all the bases, i.e. a rotating schedule consisting of daily and weekly breakdowns of time spent with each parent, drop offs, pick-ups and overnights. Other parts of a custody stipulation include holidays and vacations, where details of custody during holidays is set forth.

Preserving and building memories with your kids is of upmost importance. Whether it's managing a routine schedule, or the 1-70,000 year chance that holidays overlap, having an experienced divorce and custody lawyer is crucial. Contact the Law Offices of Michael Kuldiner, P.C. today to schedule a consultation with an experienced custody and divorce lawyer, at (215) 942-2100. Or, complete the inquiry form with accurate contact information and our team will contact you to schedule an appointment.