Ashley Madison Data Kidnapping, Internet Secrets and Divorce

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Ashley Madison is a website and community with one purpose – extramarital affairs. The site has been gaining popularity for years, launching controversial advertising campaigns and attracting millions of users since it launched in 2001.

Now the cheating giant is being extorted – it seems kidnapping data for ransom has become a more lucrative approach than stealing credit card numbers. Only a few months ago, a similar site,, was also hacked. But with Ashley Madison users pending marital meltdown, many are wondering what the repercussions will be in the area of family law. Will this mean it’s a bull market for divorce?

When it comes to cheating in marriage, it’s that much easier to get a divorce under the fault based count, 3301(a) in Pennsylvania. This indicates that the divorce should be entered because the spouse cheated. To charge a spouse with adultery, it must be proven. With ample evidence to back up this claim, it won’t be difficult to prove. Because Pennsylvania is a no-fault divorce state, this is not normally a deal breaker in obtaining a divorce as mutual consent makes it a simpler process. Other causes for breakdown of the marriage are referenced in this statute that are relevant in divorce cases.

This is why many are discussing the potential for a spike in the divorce rate; proving infidelity will be simple and public, to boot. More and more, online activity is being reviewed during divorce, custody and support cases. Judges are reviewing Facebook pages and twitter accounts for inconsistencies and proof of whereabouts.

Hackers of the Ashley Madison site have essentially struck extortion gold as millions face public humiliation and certainly a heavy dose of karma. It was only a matter of time before this site had to deal with the kidnap/ransom of information. Because these types of threats can be extremely costly and companies have to pay, companies are increasingly considering insurance to protect from hijacking of information.

This story also reveals the current status of marriage in America. Many couples are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain trustworthy relationships in this modern age of technology. Social media is providing an endless sea of opportunity to reconnect or initiate new relationships with people across the globe and sites like Ashley Madison are capitalizing on the ease of access to new possibilities.

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