Overview of the Benefits of Divorce Mediation

divorce mediation

Divorce mediation is widely available today. You can decide to use mediation. Sometimes a judge orders mediation. A judge may do this to further a settlement of a case. A settlement is preferable. It avoids long court proceedings. There are other benefits.

What is Divorce Mediation?

The goal of divorce mediation reach agreement. Mediation can address many issues. These include child custody. Financial issues can be addressed. There are not limitations.

An impartial professional oversees mediation. A mediator is not a judge. A mediator does not make decisions. A mediator has skills to advance discussions and negotiations between spouses.

Divorce Lawyers and Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation doesn’t mean you go without a lawyer. A mediation facilitates the negotiating process.

A lawyer plays a major role. The lawyer makes sure your rights are protected. An attorney makes court appearances on your behalf. A divorce mediator can't do these things.

Lawyers are involved in a mediation itself. Sometimes a lawyer attends a mediation session. You consult your lawyer during mediation. Your attorney advises you during the process.

Is Mediation Expensive?

Mediators do charge a fee. The fee depends on the specific needs of the parties. There are low cost mediation programs. There are situations in which it might be free.

A couple can save money with mediation. Mediation can lower attorney fees. An attorney is able to address major matters. These may include court proceedings and preparing legal documents.

Is Mediation Time Consuming?

There may be more than one mediation session. There can be several sessions. It depends on the facts of the case. If the mediation process is successful, divorce cases can take less time. A shorter case lowers emotions. A shorter case saves money. It permits people to get on with their lives.

Do All Issues Have to be Mediated?

No. In many cases, one or two issues are mediated. If a couple can’t agree on custody, that matter can be mediated. Financial issues can be mediated. Parenting time issues can be mediated. The facts of the case determine a mediation.