Child Custody Communication Tools

child custody communication

A common problem between divorced parents is communication. Communication difficulties usually start before a divorce case begins. These issues usually are a reason for a divorce.

Children are harmed when parents can’t communicate. There are some child custody communication tools parents need to consider.

Child Custody Communication Apps

Apps are everywhere. It’s no surprise that child custody communication apps exist.

A prime example is Our Family Wizard. Our Family Wizard has a number of functions:

  • Calendar
  • Expense ledger
  • Journal
  • Basic family info
  • Messaging

Another useful app is Divorce Coping. People need encouragement. This particularly is true during divorce. Divorce Coping provides daily pearls of wisdom and support that can be useful in child custody communication.


Don’t rule out counseling. There are counselors that specialize in communication issues. They work with spouses (or former spouses) one and one. They also schedule joint sessions. The ultimate goal is to develop ways to communicate effectively about children.


Books help. There are books available that deal specifically with custody communication. A lengthy title, this text is useful: “Family -- Doing What Is Best for Your Kids: Find Out Your Rights and Learn Strategies To Communicate.”


Consider a workshop. In many places, workshops on divorce-related communications take place. These usually include child custody communication.

These workshops are sponsored by a number of groups. They range from local community colleges to legal organizations. A lawyer may be able to provide a reference.

Support Groups

Take advantage of divorce related support groups. Many child custody communication problems arise from emotions. Support groups provide a resource to address emotions.

These groups come in different forms. There are groups for people of both genders. There are also groups for men and women. Some groups focus on divorcing (or divorced) parents. A local community mental health center may have a list of such groups. They usually are no-cost or low-cost programs.

Children First

Ultimately, the best interests of the kids is the goal. This requires proper child custody communication. A parent needs to access tools that work to improve child custody communication. Children are far better off for the effort.