Overview of a Divorce Trial

divorce trial

Many divorce cases end up with a settlement agreement between the spouses. Some cases require a divorce trial. A person contemplating ending his or her marriage should strive to have a basic understanding of a divorce trial. By having this knowledge, a person becomes less apprehensive about the process of a divorce trial.

Don’t Let Hollywood be Your Guide

Some of the most amazing films and televisions show have featured dramatic courtroom scenes. These productions have even included exciting divorce trials.

The reality is that most divorce trials are not dramatic affairs. Yes, they may be emotionally charged for the participants. Nonetheless, the proceedings themselves can to be technical and even rather dry.

In the final analysis, if a divorce trial becomes necessary, parties to a case are well served keeping the drama in check. Emotions cannot be contained completely. Nonetheless, it is possible to try to maintain as much composure as possible before and during a divorce trial.

Documentary Evidence

Documents typically are very important types of evidence in a divorce case. For example, if financial matters are an issue, a wide range of documents are likely to be included in the proceedings.

Both spouses – ideally through their attorneys – present relevant documents during a divorce trial. The other side has the ability to object to the admission of documentary evidence. The judge rules on whether or not documents will be included in the evidence of the case and considered by the court in making a final decision in a divorce trial.

Testimony at Divorce Trial

Odds are that each spouse will be called upon to testify in a divorce trial. In fact, it would be very odd if that did not occur.

A person needs to be prepared for testifying at a divorce trial. Most significantly, an individual needs to be prepared for cross examination by the opposing attorney. Cross examination can be intense and challenging.

Retaining Counsel

Because of the complexities of a divorce case generally, and a divorce trial significantly, retaining a qualified, experienced divorce attorney is the advisable course. A skilled divorce lawyer understands family law and court procedure, which is crucial to ensuring that a person’s rights and interests fully are protected in a divorce trial.