Odd Divorce Facts

divorce facts

Like many Pennsylvanians, you may be in the midst of a divorce. You may be thinking about filing for divorce. You may think that the divorce facts surrounding your case are odd or unusual. The reality, many cases include strange or unique divorce facts. In other words, if your case involves what you think are strange divorce facts, you are not alone.

Divorce Facts and Facebook

Facebook factors in a surprising number of divorce cases. A study was done in 2011 of all divorce cases filed in the United States. One-third of all divorce cases filed in the U.S.A that year referenced Facebook. In other words, Facebook was alleged to have been an element that lead to the collapse of a marriage.

Income Disparities

While Facebook evidently is an issue in a good number divorces – as are other social media outlets – income disparity can also be an underlying cause of a marriage ending. A study of divorce facts and figures reveals that a marriage is more likely to end if a wife earns more than a husband. This is a trend that existed a generation ago and appears to remain alive today.

Divorce and Divorced Friends

Married people who are friends with divorced people are almost 150 percent more likely to get divorced. This includes married people who have only one or two divorced friends with whom they are close.

Red State, Blue State and Divorce

If you think divorce is more prominent in the seemingly more liberal blue states in the U.S.A., you would be wrong. In fact, the divorce rate is higher in red states, according to the National Vital Statistics Report.

Single … Forever

Although a majority of Americans still marriage at some juncture in their lives, that rate has been dropping since 1960. Divorce facts say otherwise. In fact, the number of men and women in the United States who elect to never marry has doubled in that time period and is now about 20 percent of the adult population.

Divorce and Legal Representation

No matter the underlying reason you may need a divorce, seek qualified legal representation. A skilled, experienced divorce lawyer works to protect your rights and interests in a divorce case.